Rexie didn't RSVP.
The Uncommon Officiant specializes in wedding out of the ordinary, secular, non-denominational ceremonies for couples of all shapes, sizes and genders, all levels of geekery and more. Whether you consider unusual a specific pop-culture theme, a particular time period, a fantasy wedding, or whatever it is, Stephanie will work with you. Although Stephanie already has some very flowy, black Hogwart's professor-like robes to wear, she is also willing to customize her attire to match your vision.

Pre-written ceremonies are available for couples to choose from. Custom ceremonies and vows are also available.

All couples receive in addition to Officiant services:
A printed copy of the ceremony and vows in a tasteful binder. A lovely marriage certificate.

And a post about your unique wedding on this page (with hopefully some photos stolen from you, if desired!)

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