Stephanie wears many hats in her life. She is a mother to a wonderful little boy, she is an author, a geek, a costumer and seamstress, a horsewoman, an artist and an organizer at heart.  One thing you can count on for your unique wedding, is that Stephanie will do her best to make whatever part she has in it, fit right in with your vision. Stephanie specializes in non-denominational, secular ceremonies, focusing on the inspiration of the union rather than an ideology.

Stephanie grew up in Belgium, although you could hardly tell by her most common American accent. She is articulate, expressive and emotive, and throws herself into her narratives. She is extremely creative and can be a source of ideas and inspiration for your special day. She has a wonderful sense of humour and will bring that to the ceremony if that is what you want.

Stephanie also speaks French fluently, Dutch manageably, Spanish occasionally, and English masterfully. She is a writer, so she can mold your ceremony into whatever you please.  She can work with ideas and examples that the couple has already, or create something from scratch based on their desires.  So drop her a line if you're interested, and browse the rest of this page for ideas and more.

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